Spirituality has been a core component of many recovery programs for years. One need only look at the most widely-used recovery program, Alcoholics Anonymous, for verification. 12 Steps programs are entirely rooted in building and strengthening a relationship with a higher power. If those programs and that school of thought resonates with you, you are among a high percentage of folks in recovery. Re(dis)covery Wellness takes a broader approach to spirit, one that is more inclusive of different belief systems (or no belief system at all).

Just Love More believes that spirituality is not religion. While religion is an organized system of worship, spirituality is an intensely individual and personal experience that cannot – and should not – be defined by anyone other than the individual. We say this because it feel it is critically important to understand that addiction is not a religious failure. Addiction, more likely, is the result of a lack of a strong sense of personal spirit.

Spirit in this example refers to our deeper connection with the world around us. It’s in our relationships and friendships, our interactions with coworkers and people on the street. It’s the ways we battle loneliness and isolation, and the ways we connect with people.

Spirit is also about getting to know ourselves as addicted people in recovery. It’s about discovering who we are and learning to love that person. Through social gatherings, group meetings, one-on-one check-ins, therapy, and meditation, Re(dis)covery Wellness helps us get in touch with our spirit in ways we may not have done before.