re(dis)covery wellness

Our commitment doesn’t end when people stop using, in fact that’s when our work really begins. The Just Love More approach to recovery from addiction is an all-around lifestyle change that we call Re(dis)covery Wellness.

Re(dis)covery Wellness is based on the understanding that the only way to fully recover from addiction is to commit to treating our whole self – body, brain, mind, and spirit. We believe that deep self-discovery is a critical part of the overall recovery process that’s commonly neglected if not completely ignored. By integrating all parts of ourselves into our long term recovery plan, we acknowledge that addiction has physical, psychological, and emotional components, each of which must be discovered, understood, and treated if we want to break the cycle of substance use once and for all.


Substance abuse and poor eating habits deplete the body of key nutrients that can make staying substance-free harder than it has to be.



Substance abuse can cause changes in the brain chemistry and the way the brain acts and reacts.



Addiction greatly affects the way we think and behave. To overcome and manage addiction, we have to first get to the root causes of our addictive behavior.



Spirituality is part of being human. It ties us to something bigger than ourselves, however we might interpret it. Rediscovering (or discovering) our spiritual side helps us to connect with the world around us in a deep and profound way.